Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2009

About Puranas-There are 18 major Puranas and 18 minor ones

There are 18 major Puranas and 18 minor ones.

Classified into three as 'Brahma', 'Vaishnav' & 'Saiva', the 18 major puranas are:

• Brahma

• Brahmand

• Brahma Vivarthan

• Bhavishya

• Markhandeya

• Vamana

• Narndeeya

• Bhagavad

• Garuda

• Padma

• Varaha

• Agni

• Matsya

• Kurma

• Liga

• Vayu

• Vishnu

• Skanda.

The longest of them is Skanda which contains 84,000 verses.
Padmapurana with 55,000 verses comes second. Garuda and Kurma with 8000 verses each are the shortest. Bhagavad remains the most popular.

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