Answers to the Quiz Questions asked on September 09,2012

Answers for the QUESTIONS asked on September 09,2012

GK Questions of the Day

1.who is the first foreign rular conquered delhi?

Ans. Qutb-ud-din Aibak.
2.who is the first receiptent of ‘harivarasanam’ award ?

Ans. K.J.Yesudas
3.the first hepatitis day is celebrated on……?

Ans.July 28th.
4.the first chairman of national green tribunal?

Ans. Mr. Justice Lokeshwar Singh Panta

5.velloor newsprint factory sittuated at the bank of which river?

 Ans. Muvattupuzha River

Check your Word Power :
The antonym of INIMICAL
(a) Emotional
(b) Neutral
(c) Cheerful
(d) Friendly

Ans (d) Friendly

Improve your English now :
________ delights me.
(a) I told him
(b) What you said
(c) He told me
(d) Yesterday he

Ans :(b) What you said

Current affairs for the day :

Who is the present president of FIFA?
(a) Sep Blatter
(b) Urz Linzy
(c) H.K Dutta
(d) None of the above

Ans.Sep Blatter

Congratulations to all who posted the correct answers. A new set of questions will be posted soon.








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