Global Cyber Security Index and India’s Rank

India has been ranked 23rd out of 165 nations in the 2017 Global Cyber security Index (GCI), which is released by the UN telecommunications agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The index measures the commitment of nations across the globe to ensuring cyber security to their digital systems. India is ranked 23rd on the index with a score More...

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By admin On Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

The New Age Emotion Sensing Computers !!!

RESEARCH New computer system that spots emotional sentiments Eden Saig, a computer science student at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Israel, has developed the computerised learning system which More...

By Sebin Thomas On Friday, July 17th, 2015

Windows 10 to arrive soon

Windows has decided to upgrade and is releasing it’s newest software, windows 10. Even though it’s releasing dates are not confirmed, users are hoping it will be a great product. Windows 10 will be More...

By admin On Friday, December 12th, 2014


1. In order to arrange the countries from those with the highest population to those with the lowest, you need to sort on the population field in …………… A. ascending order B. descending order ( Answer) C. More...

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The Five Generations of Computers Explained with Stage by Stages

The term ‘computer generation’ is often used in relation to the hardware of computers. Each phase of computer development is known as a separate generation of computers. Each phase of development is More...

By admin On Thursday, January 17th, 2013

The Kochi Startup Village,India’s first telecom incubator

Kochi, Kerala, has become the first in India to get 1 gbps speed. This kind of internet connectivity is available only at two places in the world—the Startup Village at Kansas City in US and the Startup Village More...

By admin On Thursday, August 16th, 2012

IT Quiz -Computer Knowledge and IT Awareness Questions with answers

Content Include Text,Picture,Music,video is called? – Mutimedia Method of getting Internet On Telephone line term called – DSL line A(an) _____is a digital circuit that performs arithmetic and logical More...

By admin On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Mobile Broadband and The mobile network technologies

The mobile network technologies such as HSPA and LTE, used for connecting smartphones computers, devices, sensors and machinesto Internet and broadband services. Mobile Broadband Mobile broadband is playing an increasingly More...

By admin On Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Computer GK-QUiZ Based on Information Technology

1. “Stored Program Concept” postulated by: Ans. John von neumann 2. Founder of the social networking website ‘Facebook’: Ans. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg 3. Name associated with Open Source More...

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History of Computers

ENIAC( Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) was the first general-purpose electronic computer. It was a Turing-complete digital computer capable of being reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing More...

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