Mechanical Inventions and Discoveries

Austin—Motor Car. Bell, Graham—Telephone. Berliner—Microphone. Brequet—Helicopter. Bushwell—Submarine. Caxton—Printing Press. Colt—Revolver. Daimler—Gas engine. Davy—Miner’s Safety Lamp. Diesel—Internal Combustion engine (Diesel engine). Dunlop—Pneumatic tyre. Edison—First electric bulb and gramophone. Faraday—Dynamo. Fick—Law More...

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History of Computers

ENIAC( Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) was the first general-purpose electronic computer. It was a Turing-complete digital computer capable of being reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing More...

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New Planet named Qatar-1b!!

Qatar astronomer Dr Khalid Al Subai has become instrumental in the discovery of a new alien planet, working in collaboration with scientists from the UK and the US. This hot Jupiter, now named Qatar-1b, adds More...

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SNo ,Name  ,Mechanical Inventions 1. Austin , Motor Car 2. Bell, Graham Telephone 3.  Berliner, Microphone 4. Brequet, Helicopter 5. Bushwell, Submarine 6. Caxton , Printing Press 7. Colt, Revolver 8. Daimler More...

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Major Geographical Discoveries and Explorers

Geographical discoveries-Great explorers-Quiz 1. Who discovered Brazil? Ans: Pedro Alvarus Cabral 2.Who discoverd New Zealand? Ans:Abel Tasman 3. Who discoverd Philippines? Magellan 4.Who discovered the Cape of More...

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Inventions and Discoveries

Who discovered natural radioactivity Ans : Hentry Bequeral Hydrogen was discovered by Ans : Cavendish Who invented Microprocessor Ans : Ted Hoff Name the scientist who proposed Doppler Effect Ans : Christian Doppler Who More...

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