Published On: Thu, Jan 15th, 2009

Countries and their Parliaments

Afganistan – Jirga

Bnagladesh – Jatya Sansath

Bhutan –  National Assembly

China – National Peoples Congress

Denmark – Folketting

Iceland -Althing

Croatia – Sabor
Iran –  Majlis
Maldives –  Majlis
Egypt -Majlis
Japan -Diet

Isreal – Nest

Russia -Federal Assebly ,Duma
Sweden – Ricladag

Turkey -Grand National Assembly
U S A -Congress
Turkey – Grand National Assebly

Spain-  General Couts

Netherlands – Staten -General

Finland – Eduskunta

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  1. Tarpit Sahu says:

    Why you have missed many important countries like INDIA

  2. you hav wrong knowledge about afganistan parliyament.according to you the name is jirga bt the real name is shora

  3. lal than zuala says:

    Incomplete, spelling mistakes, etc.There are more than 100 countries in the world, why only 20 ????

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