Published On: Mon, Jan 5th, 2009

First Persons who made Historic Achivements

First Men in India

First Air Cheif Marshal : Arjan Singh

First President of Indian National Congress : W.C .Banerjee

First Indian Commander in Chief: Gen.K.M .Kariappa

First Field Marshal : S.H.F.J .Manekshaw

First Viceroy of India: Lord Canning

First Muslim President of India : Dr.Zakirhussain

First  Governer General of Free India :Lord Mount Batten

First Indian to Get Nobel Prize : Rabindra Natha Tagore

First  to Join I.C.C (now I.A.S) : Satyendra Nath Tagore

First Women in India

First Women to win Nobel Prize :Mother Therasa

First Women olympic finalist : P.T.Usha
First Women won Bharat Ratna : Indira Gandhi

First Women Judge : Anna Chandi

First Women Ambassoder : Vijayalekshmi Pandit ((1947-49)

First Women President of UN General Assembly : Mrs. Vijayalekshmi Panit(1953)

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