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General knowledge about Important World famous Battles

Year Battle Name Involved Countries
1618 – 1648 Thirty Year War Started as religious-cum-political war between (Conto) the Lutherans and Catholics in Germany and developed into an international war
1588 Anglo-Spanish War Spanish and English fleets fought in the English Channel; Defeat of the Spanish fleet
1455 – 1485 War of Roses Civil War in England between the two rival royal houses of Lancaster and York; White and red rose were their respective symbols
1338 – 1453 Hundred Year War France and England
190 BC Battle of Magnesia Syrian and Roman forces; Syrian forces defeated (north-west Lydia)
331 BC Battle of Arabia Greek and Persian forces; Greeks victorious
431 – 421 BC Spartan War II Sparta and Athens; Spartans victorious
459 BC Spartan War I Sparta and Athens, also called ‘Pelponesian War’; it lasted for 30 years
479 BC Battle of Mycale Greek and Persian forces; Persian fleet defeated
479 BC Battle of Platae Greek and Persian forces; Persian forces defeated
480 BC Battle of Salamis Athenian and Persian fleet in the Bay of Salamis; Persian fleet defeated
480 BC Battle of Thermoplyae Spartans led by Leonidas and Persians by Xerxes; Spartans were defeated.
490 BC Battle of Marathon Athenians and Persians; King Darius of Persia defeated.
608 BC Battle of Megiddo Necho of Egypt and Josiah of Judah; Egyptians victorious


2003 Gulf War II US led coalition forces dethroned the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
2001 US-Afghanistan War US led coalition forces attack Afghanistan to bring down the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in retaliation to the September 11 terrorist attack in the USA
1999 Kargil War India defeated Pakistani forces at Kargil
1991 Gulf War US led multinational forces attacked Iraq to oust Iraqi troops from Kuwait
1971 Pakistan-Bangladesh War Mukti Bahini forces aided by India against the Pakistani forces stationed in Bangladesh (former East Pakistan); Pakistani forces surrendered and Bangladesh came into being
1967 Israel-Arab War Six-day war, shortest war in history; Arab forces led by Egypt, Syria and Jordan were defeated
1954 Korean War South Korea invaded by North Korea; North Korea was forced back by UN forces
1942 Desert War Italian Army from Libya invaded Egypt in order to attack British forces
1939 – 45 World War I Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) against the Allies (Britain, USSR, US, France and several other countries); Axis powers were defeated
1916 Battle of Jutland During World War I–naval battle between Germany and England in which Germany was defeated
1914 – 1919 World War I Germany (with Austria, Hungary and Turkey) against Britain (with France, US, Russia, Japan, Canada, Austria and Belgium); Germany and its allies were defeated
1913 Balkan War II Invasion of Serbia and Greece by Bulgaria; Bulgaria defeated by combined forces of Serbia, Greece, Romania, Montenegro, which stripped Turkey of most of its European territories
1912 Balkan War I Turkey and Balkan countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece); Turkey defeated
 1905 Russo–Japan War Russia and Japan in the Sea of Japan; Russia defeated; also called the ‘Battle of Port Arthur’ or ‘Battle of Yalu’
1861 – 1865 American Civil War Northern Vs. Southern states of America for the abolition of slavery; Abraham Lincoln defeated the Southern states
1840 First China War China and Britain; Chinese forces yielded. It was a trade war and also known as the ‘Opium War’
1815 Battle of Waterloo British forces led by Duke of Wellington defeated French forces led by Napoleon Bonaparte; it was Napoleon’s last battle; Napoleon was abdicated and was exiled to the island of St Helena in South Atlantic where he died in 182l.
1813 Battle of Leipzig Germany and combined forces of Austria, Prussia and Russia defeated Napoleon (French forces)
1812 Battle of Borodino France and Russia; the French forces were commanded by Napoleon who was defeated
1805 Battle of Austerlitz Britain, Austria, Russia and Prussia on one side and France on the other; French on the other; French forces victorious
1805 Battle of Trafalgar British fleet defeated fleets of France and Spain; British fleets commanded by Admiral Nelson, who was killed in the battle
1798 Battle of Nile British and French fleets; Britain victorious
1756 – 1763 Seven Year War Britain and France against Austria and Prussia; British alliance won
1607 Battle of Gibraltar Bay The Dutch defeated the Spaniards and the Portuguese
1642 – 1649 Civil War of England Between Cavaliers (King Charles supporters) and forces of the Parliament led by Oliver Cromwell; King Charles I executed


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