General Knowledge Today’s Quiz Answers

1.Current Affairs for the day :

The City of _________ was named as World Third best city to visit in 2013 by Travel guide book Lonely Planet published on 22 October 2012

(a) Bangaluru

(b) Hyderabad

(c) kolkata

(d) Mumbai

Answer- B,

The correct answer is (b) Hyderabad

2.GK Question of the day :
Which Indian Chess player became only the second woman in the world to attain the Super Grand Master norm?

a)Tania Sachdeva

b)Koneru Hampi


d)Gayathri hari

The correct answer is (a) Tania Sachdeva

3.The pulvinus in ‘Touch-me-not’ plant plays an important role in

a) Leaf movement

b) Stem movement

c) Root Movement

d) Fruit making

The correct answer is (a) Leaf movement

Improve your English now :

4.Use suitable alternative He is desirous _____ visiting Delhi.
a) of
b) to
c) on
d) going

The correct answer is (a) of


Congratulations to everyone who got the correct answers. A new set of challenging questions will be posted shortly. Wait for it.

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