Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2013

General Knowledge Unlimited !!

1. The drugs used to reduces body temperature is called

2. The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in

3. Which of the following is a skin disease ?


4. Who received the V.V.Giri Memorial award 2011?

Ans  : Utsa Patnaik

5. Who received the Pakistan’s Highest award “Nisan-i-Imtiaz”?

Ans  : Saadat Hasan Manto

6. Who is the symbolic head of the Commonwealth?
British Monarch

7.The plant with the largest simple leaf
Amazon Water Lily

10. Which is the strongest oxidizing agent?


11. Which country is signed on MoU with the Election Commission of India on 01 August 2012 strengthening the electoral processes and political culture?

Ans : South Korean

12. Russia and India prepare for INDRA-2012 for?
Ans: anti-terror military excercises Siberian Republic of Buryatia

13. Who is suspect in a shooting incident at a Gurudwara in Oak Creek,US?
Ans : Wade Michael Page

14. Which country asked the India to to register its Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs) for supply of petroleum products such as petrol,diesel, furnace oil and petcoke?
Ans :Pakistan

15. DNA is associated with a sugar called


16. Who got the first place in Forbes magazine list?

Ans  : Angela Merkel

17. On which country India impose a ban on importing milk and milk products?
Ans : China

18. Through which port the India, Iran & Afghanistan decide to expand their trade and economic ties?

Ans  : Chabahar

19. How many number of coaches received the Dronacharya Award for 2012?

Ans : 8

20. ………….is known as the first Aadhar village in India

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