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GK -General Knowledge for PSC and UPSC Exams from GKTODAY this week

Local Self Government in India, for the first time was introduced by

Answer:Lord Rippon

The war between India and China took place in?


Mixed Colony system was introduced by:


As the Portuguese Viceroy in India, Albuquerque encouraged mixed marriages with the intent of procuring fresh recruits, especially in the form of offsprings, to serve the Portuguese project in India and elsewhere.

The normal consistency of Portland Cement is about:

The most commonly used coagulant is :

In colour blindness with which colour red is confused?

Baking powder is :
Sodium bicarbonate.

World Heart Day is on :
Last Sunday of September.

2“Coolie” is written by :

Mulk Raj Anand

Subject deals with life and death of human beings:
Vital statistics.

Founder of Brahma Samaj:
Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Largest producer of Thorium in the World:

A cube has numerically equal volume and surface area. The volume of such a cube is :
216 units.

Hyperglycemia is due to:
Excess of sugar in blood.

The synonym of “weak” is :

The synonym of “holy” is :

The antonym of “bold” is :

Mr. John is ………..European.

Keep quiet,……….?
Can’t you.

Over production of which hormone leads to exophthalmic goiture?

Rajeev Awaas Yojana aims at:
Slum Free India.

“One vision, One identity, One Community” is the motto of which of the following organizations?

The National Commission for Women was constituted in?

The number of members nominated by the princely states to the Constituent Assembly were:

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