GK Today Quiz Contest .Answers with explanations

GK Today Quiz Contest .Answers with explanations

asked on 24th November

1. Who said that “Parliamentary democracy means one individual and one vote”?

c) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

2.The political leader who worked in The ‘Marmic’ as a Cartoonist

Bal Thakkare

3.Which city is known as the Queen of Deccan


Pune is known as Queen of Deccan because of its  historical ,social , cultural and political improtance and its picturesqe    surroundings in the Deccan.
4.Which one of the following is a characteristic of oligopolistic industries?

c) Price rigidity

5. Which article empowers the Indian Parliament to formulate law on State List subjects?

d) 249
6. Which part of the Indian Constitution is associated with the provisions of citizenship?

a) II

Congratulations to everyone who got the correct answers. A new set of challenging questions will be posted shortly. Wait for it.

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