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GKToday Quiz time

What drug does tobacco contain

What does talcum power consists of
Magnesium silicate.

The main consistent of gobar gas

A gland known as the gland of emergency
Adrenal gland.

The largest flower in the world?

The smallest bone in the human body?

The colouring substance present in bile

The hormones helps to ripen fruits.

Milk is an example of

Which sector in India uses coal in maximum quantity?
Thermal plants.

Who discovered Natural Radioactivity?
Henry Becquerel

The acid present in oranges
citric acid

The density of water is maximum in
4 degree Centigrade.

The material used in the manufacture of lead pencils

Which bird found in New Zealand is uable to fly and has hair instead of feathers and a very long beak

Who found out Radio Activity?
Henry Becquerel
The instrument which is used for measuring blood pressure?
What is always contained in amalgams?

The scientist who discovered that the earth revolves round the sun

ECG is an instrument used in the study of

Ecology is the branch of science which deals with
Balance of Nature

The district in which the central root research institute is situated.

Rainbow is caused due to
Refraction and dispersion

What is the full form of LPG?
Liquified Petroleum Gas.

Leaves are green due to the presence of

Decimel system of number originated in:

Father of cloning:

According to WHO, the disease which causes the death of the largest number of people today

Hydrogen Bomb is based on:
Nuclear fusion

Liquefied Petroleum Gas consists of mainly:
Methane, Butane andPropane

Diamond is the purest form of
Crystalline rock

The exact copy of a written or printed message is transmitted to
distant places through adevice attached to a telephone. What is
it called?

The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by
Jonas E. Salk.

World AIDS day is observed on
December 1

Television was started in the year

Where is the national Environment Engineering Research Institute
located ?

National Science day is observed on 28th February to commemorate
The day of declaration of Raman effect.

The science dealing with the study of the heart and its diseases is known

When was the first Atomic Energy Commission set up in India?
August10, 1948

India conducted the first nuclear explosion in the year
May 18, 1974.

What does the abbreviation ANERT stand for
Agency for non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology

The energy possessed by the water collected in the reservoir of a
Potential Energy

Bleaching powder is produced by passing chlorine over this substance:
Solid slaked lime

The most important raw material for generation of power in India:

Maximum yield of milk is obtained from —-variety of cows
Red Sindhi

Deforestation causes the following:
Drought,flood and soil erosion

The most abundant substance on earth is :

.The unit of power is:

The world famous mineral region in India:

The gas which causes acid rain industrial area:

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