Published On: Fri, Mar 16th, 2012

Indan Bank Notes Features-What is a “star series” banknote

What is a “star series” banknote?

Fresh banknotes issued by Reserve Bank of India till August 2006 were serially numbered. Each banknote bears a distinctive serial number along with a prefix. The prefix consists of numeral and letter/s.  The banknotes are issued in packets containing 100 pieces.

The Bank has adopted the “STAR series” numbering system for replacement of defectively printed banknotes, at the printing presses. To begin with, this will be for banknotes of Rs.10, Rs.20 and Rs.50 denomination. The Star series banknotes  are exactly like the existing Mahatma Gandhi  Series banknotes, but  have an additional character viz., a *(star) in the number panel in the space between the prefix and the number. The packets containing these banknotes will not, therefore, have sequential serial numbers, but contain 100 banknotes, as usual.  To facilitate easy identification, the bands on such packets clearly indicate the presence of these banknotes in the packet.

F) Counterfeits / Forgeries

How does one differentiate between a genuine banknote and forged / counterfeit banknote?

The banknote on which the above explained features i.e., the features of genuine banknotes are not available / absent can be suspected to be a counterfeit banknotes and examined minutely.

What are the legal provisions relating to printing and circulation of forged banknotes?

Counterfeiting banknotes / using as genuine, forged or counterfeit banknotes / possession of forged or counterfeit banknote / making or possessing instruments or materials for forging or counterfeiting banknotes making or using documents resembling banknotes   are offences under Sections 489A to 489E of the Indian Penal Code and are punishable in the Courts of Law by fine or imprisonment ranging from seven years to life imprisonment or both, depending on the offence.

G) Clean Note Policy:

Reserve Bank of India has been continuously making efforts to make good quality banknotes available to the members of public.  To help RBI and banking system, the members of public are requested to ensure the following:

    • Not to staple the banknotes
    • Not to write / put rubber stamp or any other mark on the banknotes
    • Store the banknotes safely to prevent any damage

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