Published On: Thu, Jan 15th, 2009

International Days

January 1 -World family day
February 12 -Darvin Day
February 21 -Mother’s day
March 8 -Women’s Day
march 15 -Consumer’s day
March 21 – Anti untochoubilty day,Poetic day
March 22 – water day
March 24 -tuborculosis day
March 27 -Drama day
Aril 7 -World Health day
April 18 -World Heritage day
April 22 – World Earth day
Apricl 23 – Book day -copywriters day

April 26 -World Patent Day

May 17 -Tele communication Day
June 8 -world ocean day

June 14 -Blodd donation day
June 21  -world music day

July 11 -World population day
September 16  -Ozone day
September 21 -World Peace Day,Alzhimers Day
September 27 -World Tourism Day

Octomar 1 – old people day
Octobar 9 – Postal day
Octobar 10 -Mental Day
Octobar 16 -World food day
Octobar 17 – Peverty eradication day
Octobar 24 -U N Day
December 1 -Aids Day
Dember 2 – Slave eradication day
Dec 3 -Diasbled peoples day
dec 7 – airforce day
December 10 – World Himan Rights Day

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  1. deepu says:

    December 10 – World Human Rights Day not Himan Rights DAY

  2. deepu says:

    May 1 – Workers Day

  3. VASANTHARAJAN.A.. says:


  4. Miral Siddhpura says:

    i want to inform you that 1 st june is the environment day and you have to add this.
    this is very good information for us to know about international day.thank you

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