Published On: Fri, Jul 12th, 2013

NASA’s Hubble discovered Blue Planet 63 light-years Away

NASAScientists from NASA in July 2013 have discovered a blue planet that possibly rains glass, orbiting a star 63 light-years away.

This is the first time an exoplanet’s true colour has been determined. Astronomers has used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and made visible light observation spotting the planet HD 189733b which is one of the closest exoplanets that can be seen crossing the face of its star.

Scientists continuously observed changes in the colour of light from the planet before, during and after a pass behind its star and observed that there was a small drop in light and a slight change in the colour of the light.

The light was actually becoming less bright in the blue but not in the green or red. Light was missing in the blue but not in the red when it was hidden. Also, earlier observations by scientist reported evidence for scattering of blue light on the planet. The latest Hubble observation confirms the evidence.

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