Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2012

Science Quiz -Improve your Science Knowledge

1. The tongue has more than

a. 2000 tastebuds
b. 1000 tastebuds
c. 8000 tastebuds

can you guess the answer ?

The answer for the above question will be published on tomorrow .

Post your guesses as comments below NOW!

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  1. Abhik says:

    2000 tastebuds

  2. saravana says:

    i thought that 8000 tastebuds is the answer for that question

  3. Sanjay Kamat says:

    I thought that 8000 tastebuds is the ans…

  4. maninder kaur says:


  5. Sumesh says:

    more than 8000 taste buds.

  6. Avinash says:

    8000 tastebuds

  7. Rakesh Mishra says:


  8. Soumik Dolui says:


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