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GK Today Quiz Contest Correct Answers and the Winners list

Posted on 16 January 2014 by admin

Dear Generalknowledgetoday Quiz Participants,
randam quiz
thanks for participating in the gk today’s quiz contest No.1 dated January 10 and here is are the correct answers along with the winners name

1[A] 2[B] 3[D] 4[B] 5[A]

and the winners are

1) Himanshu Dhamija ,
2) Oluwaseun Basit Authority Ogunbona
3) Sebin Thomas

others please try your luck in the next contest !

In order to send the prizes the winners are requested to send their address to at the earliest .

Best Regards,

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GK Today Quiz Contest .Answers with explanations

Posted on 24 November 2012 by admin

asked on 20th November

1.Revolt of 1857. Lord Canning was the Governor-General of India at that time.

2.The Kiel Canal connects the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The Canal goes between Brunsb├╝ttel at the river Elbe and Holtenau in Kiel.

3. Azam Shah

Bibi Ka Maqbara is situated 5 km away from Aurangabad. Aurangazeb’s son, Prince Azam Shah built it in 1678 in the memory of his mother Begum Rabia Durani. This mausoleum is a replica of the famous Taj Mahal.

The chief architect of the monument is a Persian called Ustad – Ata – Ullah. The inscription on the walls of the tomb reveals that it cost precisely Rs. 665,283 and 7 Annas to build this monument.


5.World Press Freedom Day is celebrated annually on May 3rd

6.Sakkir hussain

7 .(C)500, 60

8.(B)An animal that resembles a plant

Congratulations to everyone who got the correct answers. A new set of challenging questions will be posted shortly. Wait for it.


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