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Answers to the GK Question Quiz asked on Sep 21,2012

Posted on 27 September 2012 by admin

GK Question of the day :

Which dance is popularly known as “Poetry in motion”?
(a) Mohiniyattam
(b) Kuchipudi
(c) Bharatnatyam
(d) Kathakali

The correct answer is (c) Bharatnatyam.
It is a highly traditional and stylized dance form of Tamil Nadu based on the principles of Natyashastra written by the sage, Bharatha, and is popularly referred to as ‘poetry in motion’.

When was the UNO founded?

answer : (c) 24 October 1945

Improve your English now :

Meaning of the word “affluent”
(a) Speaking well
(b) Rich
(c) Coming Rapidly
(d) Following obedently
The correct answer is (b) Rich.
‘Affluent’ means ‘wealthy’ or being able to afford all material needs. One who speaks well is ‘eloquent’ and one who follows obdiently is a ‘disciple’.
answer :

Check your word power :
Find the correctly spelt word :
(a) Concious
(b) Consious
(c) Conscious
(d) Concsious

answer : (c) Conscious

Current affairs question for the day
Rashtriya Aarogya Nidhi Scheme was launched in  which state ?

answer :(b) Arunachal pradesh


Congratulations to all who posted the correct answers. A new set of questions will be posted soon.


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Quiz based on Kerala and its traditions

Posted on 26 September 2010 by admin

1.  The number of west flowing rivers of Kerala?

Ans : 41

2.  “Who is the author of “”Kannuneerthulli”” ?”

Ans : Nalappattu Narayana Menon

3.  Edakkal Caves are in

Ans: Wayanad District

4.  The place in Kerala where Naval Academy is being built is

Ans : Ezhimala

5.  Bakal Fort is in which District ?

Ans : Kasargode

6. First computerised Panchayath in Kerala

Ans : Vellanad

7. Information Kerala Mission started in

Ans : 1999

8. Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) is in

Ans :Trissur

9. Smallest Grama Panchayath in Kerala is

Ans : Valapattanam

10. Who was the first education minister of Kerala State ?

Ans : Joseph Mundassery

11. Whose autobiography is called ”Ormayude Arakal ”?

Ans : Cherukad

12. The State Institute of Rural Development [SIRD] is located in

Ans : Kottarakkara

13. Smallest Taluk in Kerala

Ans : Kochi

14. The region of Kerala where evergreen forests are seen

Ans : Silent Valley

15. Which ids the biggest Taluk in Kerala State ?

Ans : Eranad

16. The name of the river that flows through the Silent Valley in Kerala ?

Ans : Kunthippuzha

17. The maximum number of Wards in a Grama Panchyath

Ans : 20

18. The winner of the first Ezhuthachan Puraskar ?

Ans : Dr.Sooranad Kunjan Pillai

19. Samadhi of Sri. Narayana Guru is at

Ans : Sivagiri

20. The Parauram Express runs between

Ans : Thiruvananthapuram & Mangalore

21. Who started the State Transport Service in Travancore ?

Ans : C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer

22. The district inwhich Central Root Research Institute is situated

Ans : Thiruvananthapuram

23. The Director of the film ” Agnisakshi ”

Ans : Shyamaprasad

24. Name the Jnanpith award winner in 1995

Ans : M.T.Vasudevan Nair

25. Where is Puralimala situated

Ans : Thalasserry

26. Importance of 1 makaram 984 in the history of Kerala is

Ans : Kundara Proclamation

27. “The book “”Swarga Vathil Thurakkunna Samayam”” is written by”

Ans : M.T.Vasudevan Nair

28. Head Quarter of Kerala Forest Research Institute

Ans : Peechi

29. The speaker having longest tenure in the Kerala Assembly

Ans : M.Vijayakumar

30. First Kerala State Kathakali Award has been given to

Ans : Kalamandalam Raman Kutty Nair

31. “Chandanakkuda Maholsavam” is held every year in”

Ans : Bimappalli

32. Wellington Island is in which district

Ans : Ernakulam

33. Joseph Mundassery was the Education Minister of Kerala in the ministry headed by

Ans : E.M.S

34. “The book “”Sooryakanthi “” is written by”

Ans : G.Sankarakurup

35. “Who wrote the malayalam novel “Agnisakshi”

Ans : Lalithambika Antharjanam

36. “Who is the director of the film “Chemmeen ”

Ans : Ramu Kariyattu

37. The Teak Museum of Kerala is located in

Ans : Nilampoor

38. Which novel of Sara Joseph got Vayalar Award ?

Ans : Alahayude Penmakkal

39. The first short story in Malayalam

Ans : Vasana vikrithi

40. Sandal forest in Kerala

Ans : Marayoor

41. The first wild life sanctury in Kerala ?

Ans : Thekkady

42. “Horthus Malabaricus” a seventeenth century book published in 12 volumes by the Dutch describes ”

Ans : Medicinal Plants of Kerala

43. The Monsoon which brings rains in Kerala during the period October-November is called

Ans : North East Monsoon

44. Who started the State Transport service in Travanore ?

Ans : C.P.RamaSwamy Iyer

45. “Who wrote “”Viswadarshanam”””

Ans : G.Shankara Kurup

46. Forest Industries Travancore is situated in

Ans : Aluva

47..Which is the firstMalayalam Novel ?

Ans : Kundhalatha by Appu Nedungadi

48..Who was the founder of Nair Service Society (N.S.S) ?

Ans : Mannath Padmanabhan

49.Who is known as “Kerala Valmiki” ?

Ans : Vallathol Narayana Menon

50.The First President of “Kerala Sahithya Academy”

Ans : Sardar K.M.Panicker

To Know more about Kerala and its Culture,Tradition,History, Tourism etc  Visit the kerala tourism portal

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PSC Answers Club for PSC Exam Preperation

Posted on 13 February 2009 by admin

Dear PSC Aspirants,
Reach out to maximum Study Resources for Better Exam Experience.PSC Bulletin announces PSC Answers Club for prospective students at the exact moment to Get Free PSC Exam Coaching,Study Notes,Previous PSC Questions,Latest General Knowledge and Current Affairs,English Grammar Classes Plus More…

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General Knowledge Questions Part-2

Posted on 18 January 2009 by admin

51. Ahamedabad is situated on the banks of the river : Sabarmati,in Gujarat
52. The birth place of Ezhuthachan is : Thunchanparambu at Thirur
53. Which is known as ‘City of Magnificent Distances’ : Washington
54. Samadi of Rajiv Gandhi is : Veerbhoomi
55. Malayalam Research centre is at : Tirur
56. Who wrote Mahabharata : Ved Vyasa
57. Surat is situated on the banks of the river : Tapti,in Gujarat
58. Leading producer of Zinc : Mexico
59. Who wrote ‘Narayaneeyam’: Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri
60. Which is known as ‘City of Golden Gates’ : San Francisco
61. Samadhi of Morarji Desai is : Abhayaghat
62. Kunjali Marakkar was killed by the Portuguese in : 1600 in Goa
63.Which English chemist in his attempts to explain chemical reactions claimed that ‘all matter  are
composed of atoms’ : John Dalton
64. When did Gandiji visit Kerala first time : 1920
65. Varanasi is situated on the banks of the river : Ganges,in Utter Pradesh
66. Which is known as ‘City of Seven Hills’ : Rome
67. Attingal Rebellion was in : 1721
68. Bhagavat Gita is a part of : The Mahabharatha
69. Kullachal Battle was in : 1741
70. Samadhi of Gulzarilal Nanda is : Narayanghat
71. Which is known as ‘City Of Gems’ : Ratnapura
72. Chanar Lahala was in : 1859
73. Mangolians living in Assam region : Abhors
74. Vijayavada is situated on the banks of the river : Krishna ,Andra Pradesh
75. Malayali Memoriyal at Travancore was in : 1891
76. Which is known as City of Students : Moscow
77. Ezhava Memorial was in : 1896
78. ‘Lambert is the unit of : Intensity of light
79. Samadhi of Jagjivan Ram is : Samathasthal
80. Mopla Rebellion was in : 1921
81. Hydrabad is situated on the bank of the river : Musi,in Andhra Pradesh
82. which is known as ‘ Cockpit of Europe’ : Belgium
83. Wagon Tragedy was in : 1921
84. The first law giver of ancient India was :Manu
85. Vaikkom Satyagraha was in : 1924
86. Which is known as ‘Copper Country’ : Zambia
87. Samadhi of Lal Bahadur Shastri is known as : Vijayaghat
88. Guruvayoor Satyagraha was in : 1931
89. Kanpur is situated on the bank of the river : Ganges , in Uttar Pradesh
90. The Dutch born in South Africa : Afrikaners
91. Nivartana Agitation was in :1932
92. Which is known as ‘Dark Continent’ : Africa
93. Temple entry proclamation was in :1936
94. Samadhi of Kishan Kanth is : Nigam Bodhghat
95. ‘Manusmrithi was translated into English by : William Jones
96. Lucknow is situated on the bank of the river : Gomati,in Uttar Pradesh
97. Name the battle which shattered the hope of the Dutch to establish their political power in India :
Battle of Kulachal
98. Which is known as Dairy of ‘Northern Europe’: Denmark
99. Land Revenue was introduced in Kochi in the year : 1761
100. Nasik is situated on the banks of the river : Godawari,in Maharastra

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