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Posted on 12 July 2013 by admin

List of Top 10 Largest Moved Monoliths In The World

 S.No.  Name Weight
 1  Thunder Stone  1,250 t Saint Petersburg, Russia
 2  Ramesseum  1,000 t Thebes, Egypt
 3  Trilithon  800 t Baalbek, Lebanon
 4  Colossi of Memnon  700 t Thebes, Egypt
 5  Alexander Column  600 t Saint Petersburg, Russia
 6  Western Stone, Jewish Holy Temple  550-600 t Jerusalem, Israel
 7  Great Stele, King Ezana’s Stele, Obelisk of Axum  520-170 t and 160 t Axum, Ethoipia
 8  Gomateshwara 400-600 t Hassan district of Karnataka State, India
 9  Khafre’s Pyramid 400 t Giza, Egypt
 10  Masuda no iwafune 300-500 t Asuka, Nara, Japan

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